holi bumper lottery 2017,In the Online Punjab state lottery first prize of Rs, 2 Crore is guaranteed to the public and the second prize (600) of Rs 10,000, and the third (600) prize of Rs 9000/- in Dear Lohri Makar Sankranti

holi bumper lottery 2017 Holi Bumper. Lotto India is holding a bumper draw on Friday 18th March to celebrate the Holi Festivity. The Holi Bumper will offer a jackpot of ₹40 Crore- 10x the normal jackpot- for the same great entry price of just ₹40 per panel. The draw takes place at 5:00 PM IST on Friday 18th March, and is a great way to finish two days of celebrating the ... Holi Bumper; Baisakhi Bumper; Rakhi Bumper; Diwali Pooja Bumper; Dear 2000 Monthly; Dear 1000 Weekly; Dear 500 Weekly; Dear 200 Weekly; Dear 200 Weekly; Dear 100 Weekly; Dear 50 Weekly; Dear 20 Weekly; Goa + Rajshree Results; Golden Laxmi Results; ... You can play Maharashtra Lottery games every day of the week, with multiple draws taking place per day. As … The Rakhi Bumper Lottery (also known as Rakhdi Bumper) in Punjab is drawn each year to celebrate the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakshabandhan or Saluno. The festival takes place on the full-moon day in the lunar month of Shravana and celebrates the bond between siblings. However, the bumper lottery draw may be a few days before or after the … In Holi bumper lottery, 1st prize is guaranteed to the public and Punjab state lottery Holi bumper have first (2) prize of Rs 1.50 Crore which is guaranteed to the Public and 2nd prize (5) of Rs 10 Lakhs. Holi bumper is a scheme of Punjab state lotteries and Punjab lottery is famous for there fair draws. eYou must check the Holi Bumper lottery result 2021 from this page. We are updating the winners list below. Punjab Lottery result are released at 06:00 PM today (29 Feb 2021). You can check the complete list of winners from below. Check List of winners. Holi Bumper Lottery winners. 1st Prize winners: 1.5 Crore. A- 664223 B- 962490. 2nd Prize winners: … In the Online Punjab state lottery first prize of Rs, 2 Crore is guaranteed to the public and the second prize (600) of Rs 10,000, and the third (600) prize of Rs 9000/- in Dear Lohri Makar Sankranti Bumper Lottery 2022. Order Lottery from any state of India we send post to your address draw date 17-01-2022. The MRP of the bumper lottery is Rs ...

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